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TWHBEA # 901279
Wilson's Allen
Midnight Sun Ransey's Rena
Pride of Midnight H.F. Merry Maker
Pride of Stanley Patsy Delbridge
Pride's Generator Midnight Sun
Spirit of Midnight Scott's Lovely Lady
H.F. Spirit's Nell Elrod Choice
Nell's Last Lady Nell Elrod
 Generators Ace of Diamonds
Sun's gunsmoke Midnight Sun
Ebony' Gunsmoke Elrod's Princes Allen
Ebony's Gale Storm Ebony's Masterpiece

S & S Showy Shantilly

Go Boys Bluebonnett B. 
GLL's Carbon Copy Rodgers Perfection
Copy's Magic Doll Midnight Doll
Magic Mischief D. Allen's Black Magic
Midnight Mischief

Notes: 1.Sun's Gunsmoke sired the Drug Dealer who sired the Pusher
            2.Magic Mishchief D. is a full sister to Magic Fame D. who foaled
              Magic Fashion KW