TWHBEA # 790757
Roan Allen F-38
Wilson's Allen  Birdie Messisck F86
Midnight Sun Dements Allen
Ramsey Rena Dena
Pride of Midnight

Merry Boy

Merry Maker  Pearle
PRide of Stanley  Drakes Allen
Patsy Delbridge Mary Delbridge
 Prides Big Threat
Sun's Quarterback Midnight Sun
Triple Threat Allens Little Joe's dimple
Tensas' Gypsy Girl Wartrace
Triple Star Jennette Lightfoot
Best Chance Hall Allen
Coronet Lady spot Allen
Lilly P. Last Chance
Pruitt's Queen

Notes: 1.This horse is a Lite Shod breeders dream. The dams line has some of the
             greatest names in the history of our breed for Lite Shod walking horses
              Triple Threat,Best Chance,Hall Allen and Last Chance.