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Young's Lite Shod Stables

Tennessee Walking Horses for Sale and at Stud!

Walking Horse Stallion at Stud

  Generators Ace of Diamonds
   Stud Fee-$450


  Mare Care $3 a day, nochg. for the day you bring or pickup!!
  Unlimited Live Foal Guarantee!!
  Breed or sell two stud fees(in the same year) get the Third stud fee for free!!
  Free Stud fees can be used or transferred in succeeding years!!
  Free 31 days of Mare care for Out of State mares!!
  Shipped Semen available, $125 shipping fee!!
  Click on pictures of walking horses for pedigree's



Walking Horses Past, Present and Future

   This page is dedicated to a former TWH stallion,
   some of the walking horses that I have sold at the celebration in Tennessee
   and to some of the walking horse brood mares that i am especially proud of

Tennessee Walking Horses for sale

 I will be constantly changing this site
 so continue to check back

  3 yr old Stallion     
     The Gold Man-$10,500 or $750 stud fee!  

  15 yr old Gelding broke to ride very good gait     PICS
     He is black with a Blaze(Prides Twoup)-$2750
     Prides Twoup being ridden-excellent gait, check this guy out!  

  5 yr old sorrel roan filly,big blaze face,
     striking black mane and tail
     gentle mare,not broke(Daisy Mae)-$2250
     Video of her in a corral

  3 yr old filly not broke(Edition's Boots)has a awesome gait and stride     PICS
     she is a sorrel flaxen mane and tail-$3000
     Video of her in a corral
     very nice flat walk moving down the fence line
      in 1st part of video

  5 yr old Gelding not broke,very striking color     PICS
     red sorrel with with beautiful white mane and tail(code red)-$2750
     broke to lead,tie,lounge and load in 2 horse trailer
     awesome gait, loose in the pasture
     Video of him being worked in corral

  15 yr old Gelding not broke has a good gait     PICS
     He is a sorrel flaxen mane and tail(Sandstorm)-$1250,

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